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Trump Suddenly Changed His Face Again

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-5-30 9:23:53

Sure enough, Trump changed his face again.

According to a statement just released by the White House, the United States will still impose a 25% tariff on 50 billion Chinese goods. The specific commodity list will be announced on June 15, and tariffs will be implemented shortly. Seko Machinery also has confidence in our products, even in such changeable international environment. Especially our power-propelled weld bead rolling machine domains almost 80% domestic market share, without competitor.
It should be noted that after the last round of consultations between Washington and China, U.S. Treasury Secretary Mukuchin explicitly stated to the media that the U.S.-China economic and trade consultations have made very significant progress. The two countries reached an agreement on the framework issue and agreed to stop the trade war.

However, the U.S. Finance Minister remarked in his ears, and the White House immediately took a small step. Feeling so hard for so many days, she returned to talks before.

However, turning a face faster than turning a book seems to have become a normal part of the White House. Taking the US-DPRK summit in Singapore as an example, the June 12 meeting was already confirmed, but Trump suddenly announced that the meeting was canceled. When the world has not shaken God yet, Trump said that the meeting is likely to be held as scheduled...

Former President of the World Bank and former Undersecretary of State Zoellick recently lamented that Trump’s trade strategy has now confused the people of the entire world.

However, the soldiers came to cover the water, and the Chinese side’s subsequent statement also lightened.

In response to the new changes in the White House, the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a statement on the 29th, saying:

We were both surprised and surprised at the strategic statement issued by the White House. This is obviously contrary to the consensus reached between the two sides in Washington not long ago. No matter what measures the United States takes, China has confidence, ability, and experience to safeguard the interests of the Chinese people and the country’s core interests. The Chinese side urges the United States to act in accordance with the spirit of the joint statement.

The struggle continues and the good show is still behind. How will the next step evolve?

First, China cannot be intimidated. When this Sino-U.S. trade war broke out, China fought back hard; some precision sanctions were aimed at Trump’s ticket warehouse. This forced the U.S. side to realize that China is not really scaring, so the two sides started negotiations and made some positive progress.

If the United States does not care about the consensus and tacit agreement reached, the negotiation has returned to its original point. I'm sorry, it is still that sentence: fight and follow in the end; talk, the door is open. Without this kind of courage, Trump could be really shocked.

Second, China must also have a bottom line thinking. It should be said that from the outset, China has been fully prepared. Especially for Trump's fickleness, the Chinese side should have anticipated the worst situation. Even if it is an agreement reached with the United States, China still maintains full prudence and listens to it even more.

Judging from the recent performance of the United States, it is indeed a face-changing master. Of course, this may also be Trump's strategy of struggle, especially considering that US Commerce Secretary Ross is coming to China. He does not rule out the fact that the United States is demanding prices and wants to blackmail a deal that is more conducive to the United States.

Both sides are still wrestling. However, there is one point that should be clear: Both China and the United States are great powers. They all have their own national dignity and national interest. They can't solve any problems with their big sticks, and they are more likely to damage their credibility.

Only cooperation is the only correct choice. This is also the message to be conveyed by China in this statement.

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