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Can US Bear the Consequences of the Trade War?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-7-4 9:45:46

[Global Times comprehensive report] "The EU has responded to the United States (trade war) with retaliatory tariffs. Canada did the same last weekend, Mexico did the same, and China is preparing to return to the Trump administration on Friday. With the practice of tariffs, can the United States win this war?” On July 2, local time, a reporter’s question at the White House press conference represented many people in the world, including Americans. In the past two days, US President Trump has frequently issued new threats to other countries and even the World Trade Organization (WTO) on trade issues, showing that a global trade war is under way. The United States, the largest ally of the United States, issued the most severe warning recently, saying that the US actions will trigger "the EU and other major economies" to retaliate against $300 billion of US products. The American Chamber of Commerce is concerned that the Trump administration's trade policy will endanger the US's 2.6 million jobs and hinder the US economic recovery. Seko Machinery's SZG-60 industrial pipe making machine could release manpower dramatically. With auto control and data collecting, one worker should monitor 7-8 lines at the same time.
"Everyone must fight Trump"

"Trump is launching a global trade war, everyone must fight against Trump," Germany's "Times Weekly" said on the 3rd that the global economy is on the eve of a major change. Trump is launching a trade war with the world by virtue of the status of the US superpower and the advantages of the world's largest economy. This forced other countries to counter the United States. According to the report, if the countries of the world unite and fight against the United States, the resistance of the United States will gradually decrease. In the end, Trump won't necessarily win.

The EU has always hoped to avoid trade wars. Many leaders have gone to Washington to talk to Trump about conditions. Some people even want to seek to deal with China with the United States, but Trump’s bullying attitude finally makes Europe understand that it is selfish. There is no difference between allies and opponents in the eyes of the United States. The US "Vaux" website said, "For Trump, only the money is not owed, the allies are allies."

The United States will "los the future"
"The Trump administration's tariff increase on national goods will endanger up to 2.6 million US jobs, triggering a global trade war risk and hindering the US economic recovery." US National Chamber of Commerce President Donohue issued a statement on the 2nd. “As tariffs close to the US manufacturing products and domestic prices rise, tariffs begin to cost American companies, workers, farmers and consumers.”

The trade war initiated by Trump has brought the world in, causing adverse effects on the world economy. If the Trump administration continues to engage in trade protectionism, the United States will be excluded from the world.

The British "Financial Times" said that Trump has started the first shot of the global trade war. But even if Trump wins the trade war, the US economy will become a self-sufficient economy with much lower productivity. "America will lose the future even if it wins a trade war."

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