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Shoot Oneself in the Foot! Boeing Myth Is Bursting(1)

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-7-19 9:57:04

A mind is thinking about the go-around, Boeing’s Huang Wei’s dream is about to be shattered again...

United Airlines announced on July 12 that the fourth extension of the Boeing 737MAX series passenger aircraft's grounding date, more countries and airlines said that at least until 2020, Boeing 737MAX is hopeless to go around.

United Airlines once again extended the grounding time, mainly because the Boeing 737MAX series of aircraft exposed a new risk that could lead to “non-commanded dive” in a simulator test more than half a month ago. All of this is ultimately caused by Boeing, in order to pursue profits and markets, regardless of quality and safety issues. A company with a sense of social responsibility will not make such a move. SEKO Machinery is the first to consider, in addition to helping customers get more benefits, pay more attention to the safety issues during the operation of the equipment. Our dual-use online heat preservation bright annealing solid solution machine (TIG welding and laser welding) has an industry-unique system design: insulation resistance monitoring and protection. If the human body touches the output copper bar, bare copper connecting the cable, sensor conductor and other components, the device will start the shutdown protection device.
The crash occurred more than three months, and the 737MAX model has exposed four fatal system vulnerabilities. Not only that, but also the problems in the design of Boeing aircraft software and regulatory loopholes.

The scandal is like rolling snowballs, and the crisis of trust has swept the world:

Saudi Arabia and other countries canceled orders for Boeing 737MAX, and Norway and China multinational airlines filed claims!

More than 400 pilots filed a class action lawsuit against Boeing, accusing Boeing of “uncovering the known design flaws of the 737MAX family of aircraft as never before” and seeking millions of dollars in compensation.

In factories such as Washington, a large number of undeliverable new aircraft filled the site empty space, and even the employee's parking lot was requisitioned.

The latest data shows that Boeing deliveries fell 40% in the first half of this year, surpassed by Airbus for the first time in eight years, and the title of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer was handed over.

It took hundreds of years to become the global hegemon, and Boeing, which has long controlled the right to speak in the aviation manufacturing industry, fell into the altar, but only a few months.

Everything has its own causes. If all this is true, Boeing will take it for granted.

The bane of the trade war

Who ever thought that the disaster in front of him was closely related to a trade war over the years.

As everyone knows, the United States is the world's number one aviation power, and Boeing's position in the field of civil aircraft manufacturing is unquestionable.

In the 1970s, the rise of European Airbus Company made the Boeing Company, which has always been a global leader, feel the challenge. Therefore, the US government has carried out a protracted trade war against Airbus.

From issuing a request to the governments of the four European governments to cancel the financial subsidies, to threaten to launch the Super 301 clause investigation, to retaliate by charging German cars and French wines, and then to retaliate, to issue a trade dispute investigation report, triggering the public to Airbus Hostility... All purpose is to suppress the fast-growing Airbus company.

Are all kinds of techniques very familiar?

Yes, after a long period of time, it has been repeated in Chinese companies.

When the unscrupulous attack on competitors, Boeing did not idle.

Under the influence of globalization, industrial outsourcing and collaborative production are the quickest way to reduce costs and increase efficiency, share risks and open up markets. Boeing is going further and further on this road.

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